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    [url=]medium season 7 DVD[/url] Season 7 was the seventh and final season of Medium.The series ends on a bittersweet note. Joe gets killed in a plane crash on his way back from Hawaii, and we see how 7 years later, Allison has become the assistant DA, Devalos has become the Mayor, Marie as a 14-year-old teenager, while Bridgette is in college and not present in the episode. We also see a pregnant and married Ariel. While Allison is working on a trial, she seems to have visions of Joe actually surviving the crash but with amnesia. Allison makes a decision to find out where Joe is which sacrifices her own career and their lives in US. [url=]boardwalk empire season 3 DVD[/url] Nucky Thompson, who is presented as a complex character. Charming and intelligent, he's good at dealing with people and adored by the people of Atlantic City. In order to keep up appearances, Nucky is often seen helping and looking out for those who need it. Although being completely ruthless to his enemies, he shows his softer side when he's with his family. Nucky is assisted by his younger brother Eli, who serves as Sheriff of Atlantic County, and Jimmy Darmody, a driver bodyguard who regards Nucky as a surrogate father.[url=]boardwalk empire seasons 1-3 DVD[/url]  

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