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    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2012
    What happens to Sansa now in Game of Thrones dvd?


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    What happen to Joffrey and Santa in Game of Thrones dvd? It is said that Joffrey treat her very badly for getting her.I would like to share some information.And there are more TV new release for you to watch,just like ,Ncis dvd,True Blood dvd,Breaking Bad dvd,Sons of Anarchy dvd,Criminal Minds dvd,The big Bang theory dvd,Two and A Half Men dvd and Fringe dvd,Walking Dead dvd

    We know Joffrey leave his betrothed for Santa under the help from Cersei and Pycelle that surprise us in Games of Thrones dvd.Joffrey will treat Sansa very badly if she does not be his wife.Sansa does not know who she should trust.