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    It is embroidered sportswear that distinguishes one player
    from another in team sports such as football. The numbers on their jackets serve
    to identify each player. The embroidery can also promote teams Matt
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    , clubs and events. Team logos and promotional
    messages are often embroidered into the sportswear.

    Sportswear is worn by
    non-sportspersons as when fans of a club wear replicas of their team uniforms.
    Standard sportswear such as tracksuits and polo shirts might be worn as casual
    wear by persons who might not even be interested in sports.

    This kind of
    widespread and varied use of sportswear has made it a good medium to promote
    businesses, in addition to teams and sports clubs. This is particularly true in
    the case of businesses that produce sports goods. For example, an Adidas sports
    shirt promotes the Adidas brand and its range of sports products.

    What is

    While all of us would be aware in a general way what
    sportswear means, many of us might be surprised at the kinds of wear that falls
    under this category.

    In general Matt
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    , sportswear is tailored to the sport. Some kinds of
    sports require tight body-hugging wear to reduce drag; others require loose
    clothing for easy movement; many might require moisture absorption to remove
    perspiration; yet others require protective devices to be incorporated into the

    Distinctive uniform-like team sportswear serves to distinguish
    between the two teams in a game. Numbers sewn into each piece of uniform
    distinguishes each player in the teams.

    Tracksuits are worn over athletic
    clothes, and are taken off when the wearer is actually participating in an

    Shorts, pants, shirts Paul
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    , helmets, shoes are all sportswear when designed for
    particular sports.