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    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2012
    With the development of economy and the improvement of technology,have more types and stuff of bicycle by offered for vast fanatical cyclists.Carbon fiber,as a newly bicycle material,it is not only own all kinds of advantages,but also become a popular element in the bicycle market step by step. And Wide rims also accepted by more and more people owning to unbeatable function.[url=]23MM Wide Carbon Clincher[/url] hot sale in the overseas marketplace.It is more smooth and steady than small model bike rims.In the inland,[url=]23mm wheels[/url] is not be more concerned yet,but i believe that it will be get more approve and favour in a brief period of time.
    At the same time,wider frames and fork is produced by maker.For instance [url=]29er MTB Frames[/url].Difference frames should fit difference types of rims or wheels.Maybe some one consider that the height is a influence factor that we choose our bicycle frames.Today i want to tell everyone it is a wrong idea.
    When we are talking about bicycle parts,we should not forget one of important components-bicycle fork.Owning to manufacturing 29er frames and 23mm wide carbon rims,[url=]29er Bike Fork[/url] as well as manufactured by maker.Choosing a set of nice bicycle equipment is important and really not easy thing.
    A freewheel is a cluster of sprockets that can be attached to the rear bicycle hub of a bike with a traditional threaded hub.
     A cassette is a set of sprockets that can be [url=]track wheels[/url]attached to a newer bike without a threaded hub.
    The ratchet mechanism attaches to the hub on newer bikes without threaded hubs.
    This allows the bicyclist to replace only a single sprocket, when necessary, rather [url=]bicycle frames[/url] than having to replace the ratchet mechanism as well.
    To tell whether you are actually looking for the best shifting cassette or the best freewheel, you can simply check whether or not the hub is threaded.
    Some cassettes use a device called a spider, which [url=]carbon road frame[/url] is essentially a ysbike01 set of metal arms attached to a crank.
    The spider attaches the sprockets to the body of the hub.In's reviews of shifting cassettes for 2006,
    all of the recommended models were designed with spiders, which the reviewers [url=]yishun bike shop[/url]described as solid and smooth and from which the three top rings could be taken off but the others could not.
    These cassettes, including the Shimano XTR CS-M960, the Sram PG990 and the Shimano XT CS-M760,were found not to damage the hub after long periods of use.