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    Think about what you'd like to do with the bike. Will it be strictly for exercise and recreation?
    For long-distance touring? For off-road riding? Would you like to get into racing?
    If you are shopping for your first bike and don't know exactly what sort of biking activity you'll enjoy most,
    it's best to get a versatile bike, such as a hybrid, that is suited for a number of different kinds of riding.
    Remember though, while hybrids are good for general use, their middle-of-the-road design means
    they won't be as well-suited for any one purpose [url=]carbon bike wheelset[/url]as a bike designed specifically for that type of riding.
    For instance, hybrid wheels are apt to warp if subjected to the rigors of the trail.
    For that reason, many riders find[url=]carbon track frame[/url]  mountain bikes even more versatile than hybrids.
    As you discover what kind of riding you like best, you may want to trade up for a bicycle more closely designed for one specific activity,
    whether it be touring, racing, or mountain biking.
    Or if you find you like them all, you may decide to splurge and get a separate bike for each type of riding.
    This will cost you a lot more, of course, but ysbike01 it will [url=]road bicycle frames[/url] also best satisfy you when it comes to riding comfort and efficiency.
    No matter what kind of bike you get, be prepared to care for it properly so that you can enjoy it as long as possible.
    There are hundreds of reputable bicycle manufacturers—large and small—to choose from.
    Usually, though, a bike's brand name is[url=]yishun bike shop[/url] not as important as the makers of its individual parts.
    After all, a large percentage of bike frames are made in Japan or China and sold to U.S. companies who simply put their name on them.
    And as large American companies consolidate the industry by buying out smaller bike manufacturers,
    brand names are becoming even more confusing and irrelevant.
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    A fork should be laterally stiff while able to dampen out vibrations from the road.
    Lateral stiffness is very easily built [url=]bike disc wheels[/url]into a fork while torsional rigidity is not.
    Since the fork is fastened onto the wheel,the ysbike01 hub is a structural member of the fork and therefore easy to achieve lateral stiffness
    (much morethan what you feel when you bend a fork with your hands without the wheel attached).
    Torsional stresses on a bike aren’t huge,but having a torsionally flexible fork will make your steering seem sluggish on descents or fast corners.
    There will feel like there’s a lag [url=]chinese bike frames[/url]between handlebar input and bike reaction.
    The quality between various forks can widely vary. Most forks these days are monocoque (single piece mold.)
    The gold standard of bicycle[url=]carbon fiber bike frame[/url]forks is a brand called THM out of Germany.
    What makes THM forks so good is that there isn’t a wasted layer of carbon.Many carbon parts are built with excess carbon layers used as a buffer
    to make certain that there are no single points of failure or weaknesses.
    They do this instead of doing NDT [url=]yishun bike shop[/url](non-destructive testing) using ultrasound or x-ray which can get expensive and time consuming.
    THM eliminate excess material without compromising its lateral rigidity and safety by doing NTD on every single one of their forks. Their workmanship is superb.