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    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2015
    Driver loses licence for killing mate

    The truck slammed into the passenger side of the ute, sending it spinning.

    Leighton Anderson, 25, was catapulted from the back seat through a window and landed head first Oakley Sunglasses Outlet on the road. The court heard Mr Anderson may not have been wearing Oakley Outlet
    a seatbelt.

    However, Judge Julie Ryrie said Reeves' failure to modify his driving to
    take into account the glare and his ignorance of the give Fake Oakley Outlet way sign had caused the death of his friend and colleague.

    Defence Fake Oakley Outlet
    lawyer Steven Zillman said his client had suffered the loss of a mate.

    "He has felt that loss deeply," he said.

    Reeves originally pleaded not guilty to the charge and it was dropped
    after a committal hearing.

    Mr Zillman said his client was "shocked" when the charge was re
    activated three months later.

    He submitted a letter from Mr Anderson's father John, who told the court
    his family believed Reeves was remorseful and said he had visited them
    in hospital hours after the incident.
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