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    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2012

    Cheap dvd- Charmed-Cold Case -Chase-TV series

    seasons 1-8 DVD</a> Plot:Pu Ru was an 300 year old wizard attacks. The old wizard was three sisters ancestor Warren trapped in a necklace, but Warren died of a stake holder. The old witch bent on vengeance, hunted down with the descendants of Warren. His special ability is replication capacity: if he brought the three sisters of the ability to copy, world no one can stop him. The three sisters with spells, to call one's ancestors out of Warren. They cooperate in the modulation of a pair of potions, timely the wizard back to.

    case season 7 DVD</a> Plot:Lilly's after a car accident, she returns and survey the missing a young woman in the magnificent ocean liner 1966, has long been considered suicide, is to as a homicide victims, the recovery of bones. At the same time, the ministry of education of judgement, everyone's surprise.

    case seasons 1-7 DVD</a> Plot:Cold case protagonist lily rush, a mysterious and highly effective detective in Philadelphia murder group. The instinct of the rush to understand the criminal mind and singular passion reveal the truth so that she is very suitable for survey cold case, yester - crimes is still up in the air - some only a few months old, others back decades. Rush and her team use their wisdom to aging evidence and the witness and buried the secret, find new clues, mining to old wounds, and stubbornly the pursuit of truth.


    season 1 DVD</a> Plot:Chase " above the law " set of 5 - when a desperate fugitive was convicted of defrauding investors of millions of dollars to jump bail, turn into violence, the United States Marshals must find him before he disappeared. The sparks of Anne ( Kelly Giddish ) and the bounty hunter ( guest star Eddie Cibrian) who is also trying to catch criminals, and Jimmy ( Cole Hauser ) and Luke ( Jesse ) start button. Also Starring: Su Kelei ( Martinez ) and Rawlins ( Daisy ogbaa )

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