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    I have a confession. I'm a Photoshop wannabe. In case you
    don't know it nike
    roshe run floral italia
    , Photoshop is the premier software program
    for digital photography. It has more features to tweak, enhance, and distort
    photographic images than you can imagine. As much as I'd like to master this
    program, truth be known, I'm still very much a beginner. However, I've taken
    some Photoshop classes and my instructor used little sayings to help his
    students remember certain Photoshop tricks and applications. My favorite saying
    is, "If it's not selected, then it's not affected." What he's referring to is if
    you don't select an area to work on by clicking on the select button (you can
    also use the magic wand to determine the area first...really!), then you can't
    have an affect on that area. Think about it in terms of life. What you
    select nike
    roshe run con fiori
    , you affect and you allow it to affect you.
    What you don't select you can't affect and, therefore, it is less likely to
    affect you! Genius! So ask yourself - "Do I know what I am selecting and why I
    am selecting it?" Are you conscious of your choices (selections)? And what are
    the outcomes (what is affected) as a result of your choices? If you find
    yourself continually having a negative experience around certain people, places,
    andor situations, how might you be able to make a different selection? As you
    improve your SQ (Select-ability Quotient: How wise and aware you are of your
    selections), you'll find yourself making different choices (selections), and
    therefore, you'll also be affected differently. Some selection differences may
    include: being more assertive (Saying no when you mean no nike
    roshe one fiori
    , and being direct with your requests), trying out
    new activities (i.e.: yoga, Tai Chi, dance, meditation, basket-weaving,
    scuba-diving), going to new placesevents (poetry readings, spiritual
    ceremoniesservices nike
    roshe one flyknit nere
    , art shows, the beach), andor hanging out
    with new and different people. As you try out all these new opportunities notice
    the new and different outcomes. When you're positively affected, make a note of
    the situation, as you'll want to repeat that selection. Now before you leave
    your spouse, quit your job, move to Arizona, or sell your house, do an inner
    selection inventory. What are you selecting in your thoughts? Are you selecting
    positive nike roshe one
    , life-enhancing, empowering thoughts? If not, then perhaps
    you'll want to experiment with some new thought selections. Unlike your external
    environment, you do have control over your internal thoughts. You can change
    them whenever you choose to (whenever you make a new selection). Select positive
    thoughts and you're bound to have a more positive mood. (Remember: It's what you
    select that has an affect.) Start from the inside, and then work to the outside.
    So there you have it: The Photoshop wannabe's Selection-Affection Connection.
    All of which brings us to a very popular old story...sort of... The Four Little
    Pigs and Healthy Boundaries Remember the story of The Three Little Pigs? These
    three little pigs were out and about when the big, bad wolf showed up. When the
    pigs saw the wolf, they ran to the first little pig's house, which was made of