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    A view like no other - until you have flown up next to 81
    multi-colored parachutes nike
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    , all hooked into formation, flying briskly
    through the sky, its hard to explain the sheer beauty of it all. A diamond of
    parachutes, more than 250 feet tall, weighing in at over 8 tons, yet flying
    quickly and effortlessly through the sky. Its large enough to show up on local
    air traffic radar, visible for miles around - yet consisting merely of 85
    individuals flying through the sky as one. You fly up next to it, watching
    people dock, encouraging them on while waiting your turn. Listening to radio
    calls as the size the formation has built to is being announced. Flying in flat
    and level from the side comprar
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    , coming to a stop right before you dock on the
    formation, and inching in the last few feet. Looking across the formation at
    your mirror image, and seeing them docked and flying well. Knowing that the
    formation is of record size, feeling the breeze in your hair and the wind on
    your face, Waiting for the starburst call, and shortly after breakoff the air is
    filled with whoops and hollers as everyone can now celebrate. The feeling of
    accomplishment on finishing the 85 way on our first attempt. Especially knowing
    that their were a few jumpers on the load, who albeit very skilled, had never
    been on anything as large as a 25-way. The awe-inspiring view of seeing a
    formation this size - especially for the first time - is something that is so
    difficult to explain. Pictures just don't do it justice. The view from the
    inside would be just as spectacular. After you dock, people continue to dock all
    around you. Every direction you look is a parachute zapatillas
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    , and everywhere you look is a person who is
    arched and looking up. Hearing the radio calls, knowing that the formation is
    building well, mentally cheering those on who have yet to dock. Absorbing all of
    the waves and bumps that pass through the formation as it builds, yet knowing
    without looking when each point of the diamond comes on as you can feel the
    formation lean over and fly. Looking over your head at a tower of canopies as
    far as the eye can see - with nowhere to run to if things go wrong. In the
    daytime, the formation glowed in the sunshine - so many bright colors in stark
    contrast to the ground below. Flying so fast in the center that the outsides are
    cupped back. Anyone who got behind would not be catching back up. On the sunset
    loads, the colors all fade in the dusk sky, silhouetted against the fading sun,
    the local lakes still shimmering on the ground. All canopies look the same,
    making the formation appear whole nike air
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    , instead of 81 individual pieces... That is
    until the starburst call occurs, and all grips are dropped and the formation
    looks like fireworks going off in the sky. It takes teamwork to build something
    as spectacular as what was built over Lake Wales last week. Everyone must have a
    good jump, no malfunctions, or miscues can occur or the formation won't build.
    Breakoffs are carefully coordinated, with everyone leaving at their assigned
    times, so that everyone can separate safely from the diamond just built. Much
    gear was swapped without thought - canopies weights, connector links among many
    other things were freely traded as needed because everyone knew we had to work
    together. Rusty Vest worked tirelessly doing repairs and repacks as need be over
    the week, as did other riggers. We had a whole team of people just working on
    getting the radios working well and set up correctly so that everyone could hear
    as needed. The video crew did a great job of filming all of the dives, both big
    and small nike air
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    , and sharing with us the film for debriefs. Our
    pilots did a great job as well - unlike freefall loads where all planes fly in
    formation, our planes fly by at different altitudes, needing to match not only
    the altitude of the ever-sinking formation but also while maintaining a slow
    airspeed for exit.