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    TV Series- Breaking Bad Seasons 1-4 Breaking Bad Season 4 breaking bad seasons 1-4 DVD  Plot:The series are about a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher named  Walter White, he was diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer who turns to making meth to secure his family's finances. If religion is a reaction of man, and nothing more, it seems to me that it represents a human desire for wrongdoers to be punished. I hate the idea of Idi Amin living in Saudi Arabia for the last 25 years of his life. That galls me to no end. I feel some sort of need for biblical atonement, or justice, or something. He lived unexpectedly adopts a criminal new lifestyle in the highly anticipated new one hour series BREAKING BAD from Sony Pictures Television. The provocative drama depicts the extraordinary lengths to which a man will go in order to provide for his family. breaking bad season 4 DVD
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