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    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2012 edited
    I understand that preference. Truth be told, I wish I could look at my iPhone and declare, “No case for you!” When you keep your iPhone in a case for days or weeks at a time and then take it out, it’s a revelation: The nude iPhone is absurdly slim, fits the hand brilliantly, feels delightfully light, and provides wonderfully unobstructed access to the screen and controls. Any case that provides any protection makes the iPhone a little less awesome to use.
    Still, the case for cases is a strong one. I do wonder whether Apple could do more to mitigate the need many of us feel for beefier iPhone protection. While I laud the smooth feel of my glass-encased iPhone, I do hope the rumors of a sturdier case for the next iPhone prove true. And if the new phone really is taller than its predecessors, I hope that the extra battery room pays off in greater battery life, too.