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    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2012
    Cold Case TV series-Discount DVDs

     [url=]cold case season 7 DVD[/url] Plot:A disabled old ship was sold after the ship engine room, new found a corpse. A few years ago a case once again came to the attention of. The deceased was named Darcy, twenty years ago, she rejected the proposal after her boyfriend Henry, and buddy Gracie on luxury ferry, and started my dream. He never think of is, the trip is her death trip. [url=]cold case seasons 1-7 DVD[/url] Plot:27 years later. Lili is investigating the murder of the girl detective. One day, a man named Bonita who told her a girl died in her once worked in family court, she witnessed the girl was killed by sight, but the situation was silent for many years. It is a pity that she can not see the murderer 's face. Melanie -- Gil's best friend is now married to Gil then boyfriend, Todd, and Todd is now a great lawyer, his younger brother Eric, everything is not happy. Who killed Gil? She has always loved her boyfriend? A secret admirer of her but not say Rick?

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