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    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2012 edited
    Clearly the “military” part in Griffin’s Military Grade Survivor   for the iPhone doesn’t refer to the color. While olive drab is an option, the majority of the rugged cases come in candy colors more suited to a pre-schooler’s toy box than the killing fields of, well, whichever countries the U.S is currently at war with.
     that will keep the iPhone safe, and a multi-position clip keeps it out of the way when you’re shooting people in the face. You can pick different colors for all three, which is exactly how I ended up with the monstrosity above.
    For all its protection, the case is fairly cheap, costing $50 whichever garish color combo you choose. And amusingly, the folks at Griffin put a link for pastel-colored styluses on the product page, just in case you want to sketch a little drawing in the middle of a firefight.