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    Discount DVD- 007 James Bond Ultimate Collection 21 DVDs+6CD 007 James Bond 22 Movie Complete Collection

     [url=]007 james bond ultimate collection 21 dvds+6cd boxset DVD[/url] Plot:After the completion of the two pile assassination, James Bond ( Danniel Craig ) obtained a licence to kill, the six Military Intelligence Agent 007 is born formally. His first " 007" task, is to monitor the terrorist Madagascar Mo La, in tracking clues to the Bahamas, another name for " digital " mystery man caught his attention. Evil " digital " is the sponsor of the terrorists in the world, and the secret intelligence organization with have all kinds of connections with contact surface, but because he is doing a legitimate business, so he can start on agent mechanism. But recently owed a lot of money "digital ", decided in the French royal casino in the pendulum astronomical card, within the specified time on gambling turnover. [url=]007 james bond 22 movie DVD[/url] Plot:In order to let in the table to win the " digital " lost dissipate one's fortune, which destroy terrorist networks, as the Military Intelligence Bureau in the first gambling master 007 was sent to the casino. The beginning, does not fully trust the Bond boss Ms. M ( Judy Danch ), arranged a beautiful charming British Treasury female agent Vespa Lind ( Eva Green ) supervision was given to 007 stakes, so Bond was very unhappy. But when two people go through fire and water for many times from the deadly attacks, they were attracted to each other, Bond even willing to wash retired. However, the fatal danger to change Bond's life, all of this is just the beginning ... ...

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