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    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2015

    I have been with my girlfriend for a year now, and next we are both
    going on holiday togeather, the other day she mentioned about going to
    get her legs eyebrows and a bikini wax and manicure and pedicure, and as
    a joke I said yeah sure you'll do that for people on holiday that your
    never going to see again but you won't do it for me, Ray Ban Sunglasses
    and she got really serious and said yeah well I shouldn't have to do it
    for you because you love me, and it might just be me but that makes no
    sense, shouldn't she do it for me even when we don't go on holiday?
    Because it sounds like to me that she can't be botherd to look after her
    self properly when its just me and her, is she trying to impress people
    on holiday?

    I don't want to sound bad maybe she is being genuine
    but think about it shouldn't she be wanting to impress you isn't that
    what your girlfriend wants to o although girls do Oakley Sunglasses Sale
    like attention so this canbe done but hay she should definitely be
    doing this for you but the reasonshe is not is because she thinks she's
    got you and you isn't going anywhere. You need to get on top of this
    sitation I have a feeling your always telling her how much you love her
    and been clingy.

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