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    I was also a bit disappointed at the size of the cartoons in this one

     The finished product was a little blocky which is not what I have come to expect from a paintworks kit. Also, as usual, the
    [url=]paint by number[/url]  wear off the paint-pots long before you finish the piece so you are better off getting a permanent marker and marking the numbers on the bottom of the pot before beginning. 4 stars.
    I just finished this [url=]paint by number[/url] . This is not appropriate for someone under the age of 15. The spaces are small, and for a child it would be difficult. This is not the first painting that I have purchased. I have purchased paintings from both Deminsions and CraftHouse. The only complaint that I have about Demensions is that they only provide one brush and most of the time the bristles splinter and it makes it difficult to paint the small areas. CraftHouse always provides 2 which is what I use on all of the paintings. I enjoy all of the paintings that I have purchased. I lean more to the scenery especially the sea scapes.