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    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2015

    Mahoujin Guru Guru Movie

    The Review!

    the extra well, there is only one extra, but it's a good one. There's a
    music video of the full length opening theme (a good thing, since you
    only get 30 seconds of it in the actual film) by Satomi Kihara with
    Radio Heart. This isn't an anime music video it's a regular video with
    the actual musicians pretending to play keyboards and suchlike. This was
    obviously made fairly cheaply and is not that great, but the song is
    nice and it's good to have the Nike Air Max 2015 Discount full version.

    is nothing special: white Amaray keepcase, with a fairly nice cover but
    nothing special. The insert just tells you how to use the Nike Air Max 2015 DVD menu.