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    The oil I use now also makes paint I like better. It has a great deal of bounce, or boing, but contains only pigment and oil.
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    There are many interesting things that happen with the consistency, or rheology, of the white.
    It mostly happens here.
    But no horizontal surface is really safe.
    Every few years there's a show, both harrowing and fun.
    But it all leads back to making things.
    Fixing what went wrong.
    And starting over again, with a better plan. This is [url=] paint by number kit[/url], the rest is, ultimately, talking. There's nothing wrong with talking, but it's always best not to confuse it with painting. Differences in opinion about style and technique can be heated, but come and go. But paintings -- especially if they are made with quality materials, and an awareness of the craft -- have a much longer lifespan.

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