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    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2012

    Pick the material used to make your wheel
    rims. Steel is the cheapest option and is durable, but it also weighs more than
    other options. 

    Count the number of spokes on the wheels. 

    Look at the treading on the wheels.






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    Locate the valve stem on your bicycle tire and unscrewthe valve cap, [url=]carbon MTB frame[/url]using a counterclockwise motion. Set aside the valve cap. Consult your bicycle manual or examine the tire to find the correct pounds-per-square-inch measurement recommended for proper inflation.
    Place the nozzle of your pump [url=]carbon wheels[/url] on the tire valvedy ysbike01 and tighten. Grab the tire and begin pushing and withdrawing the pump's plunger so air begins flowing into the tire. Use a similar motion with your foot if your pump is equipped with a pump pedal and not a plunger.
    Keep pumping until the tire feels firm but[url=]carbon wheelsets[/url] gives slightly when you squeeze the sides of the tire, or the gauge on your pump indicates you've reached the desired pressure per square inch (PSI). Disconnect the air pump from the tire if it lacks a pressure gauge and attach a handheld gauge to the tire valve to determine its pressure.
    Reattach the pump nozzle to the tire valve if its pressure isn't[url=]yishun bike shop[/url] at the required level and continue pumping. Check frequently on the tire's pressure to avoid over-inflating the tire, which can cause the tire to blowout while riding. Disconnect the pump when the tire is fully inflated and reattach the tire valve cap.
    This one is obvious. I sit all day at my desk. I call this the 10-finger workout, in that my 10 fingers are moving and typing,
    but not much else is happening. This burns about 80 calories per hour.
    Cycling on the other hand burns upwards of 700+ calories, depending on your current weight, fitness and terrain.
    Even better, cycling is a low impact sport, meaning if you [url=]carbon track wheel[/url]are a little bit on the heavy side, your joints won’t suffer as they would if you were running.
    They call it the fight or flight response. When stress levels are heightened,
    our bodies produce over 30 hormones,
    including adrenaline and cortisol that need[url=]carbon bike frames[/url]  to be cleared out of the body via some kind of “flight” response.
    When we don’t do any physical activity to rid our bodies of the horemones,
    the stress chemicals sit in our systems and cause damage both physically and psychologically.
    Getting out on a nice ride with your buddies is one of the best ways of bonding.
    Hey, I don’t play golf, so being able [url=]carbon TT frames[/url] to do something ysbike01 outside of the office that doesn’t involve drinking is pretty damn cool.
    Cycling is a gentleman’s’ sport and a hero’s sport, so you gain a lot of respect for the folks you ride with for various reasons
    whether it be the first time you climb that big hill or that time you pull around and win the sprint for once.
    Come now, have you seen the hipster kids[url=]yishun bike shop[/url] riding fixies? Well road cycling is full of cool toys and gadgets.
    Cool wheels, computers for keeping your mileage, etc.
    You can buy cool bike stands for your house so you can tinker around
    with the wheels, parts, keeping things clean and buffed and it’s way cheaper than fixing cars!