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    Bots are gone and you're not the only one! It's not you alone that doesn't own an account with a bot. RuneScape is a game for OSRS Items social interaction for humans to play. Join the discussion if you feel there was any botting that kept you from playing the game.

    I am a reward point holder. Instead, I purchased 350 points worth of slayer dart castings. Each casting costs around 480 coins. What's interesting is that I got around 1.2m coins worth of darts (10k minds and 2500 deaths) and I then sold them.

    I thought it would be worthwhile to share that one slayerpoint costs 35k coins. I don't make use of slayer points any more and have blocked the ones I dislike (Goraks and Jungle Strykes) and I'm okay with the rest.

    I don’t really use the points anymore. I just wanted this to be shared with those who have points and aren't sure what to do with the points. I had only 350 points. So make sure you check your balance. (Leave 100 points if you're given a task that you aren't interested in).

    Hey guys and gals! The friendly neighborhood rawrgoyle here. Anyways, I'm flipping through the Jagex store and am trying out their T-shirt maker thing. Sal's has never created a T-shirt. What was the quality of Buy OSRS Fire Cape the printing when it finally came out? Was it worth paying for the price?